Glen Prosen to Glen Clova 7th January 2024


At last, Blairgowrie and District Hillwalking Club was treated to a “blue sky day” for their walk from Glen Prosen to Glen Clova. 23 club members, in three separate groups, ventured out on a cold crisp day from Glen Prosen with the largest group being dropped off first, to climb hill of Spott and Kenachly. They crossed the Minister’s path and picked up a ridge to climb Cairn of Barns before a steep descent to Glen Clova.

The other groups started from Glen Prosen church and followed a waymarked track, the minister’s path with the faster group setting the pace for those who had been dropped off first to climb Hill of Spott. They peeled off the track at Drumwhern and headed north over Coremachy and Cairn of Barns where they joined up with the A group to descend to Glen Clova.

The final group enjoyed a steady pace to climb up from Glen Prosen village. Taking care on icy patches they soon gained height where they could enjoy expansive views of snow-capped hills. Soon after leaving the village, they spied a peregrine perched on a skyline tree and had time to chat about the vegetation and land uses. As they reached the crest of the ridge between Glen Prosen and Glen Clova, they had fine views of the Glen Clova corries above Loch Brandy and Loch Wharral. After a well-earned break, they continued the minister’s path but, having checked the route beforehand, knew the path was blocked by fallen trees. To avoid tree scrambling, they dropped down to the road in Glen Clova east of the traditional path and met the bus to be ferried to the Glen Clova hotel to meet the other groups and enjoy refreshments.

For the walkers the views were outstanding, with a few spots of wildlife; red deer stags, grouse, red kite and peregrine and voles. The minister’s path gets its name as the manse in Glen Prosen served both Clova and Prosen churches and the minister would take this route in his pony and trap. No clergy were spied on this walk when the Blair hill walkers tramped from Prosen to Clova.