Prosen to Clova


Another good turn out of members, and continuing with the current trend of high numbers for our Sunday walk on 17/02/2019, saw the Club heading to Glen Prosen with two walks both ending at the Clova Hotel.

The first group started at Glenprosen Lodge and followed a good track for around five kilometre's west to Kilbo Ruin. Although noted as a "ruin" on the O.S. map the building has recently been rebuilt and is now an attractive stalkers bothy. From here the group left the track and climbed steadily up the Shank of Drumwhallo following the Kilbo Path to the top of the Shank of Drumfollow. Leaving the path here they continued to climb to the summit of Driesh and east to Hill of Strone, Cairn Inks and then descended steep ground into Glen Clova and ended up at the Clova Hotel. The weather on this route was not unexpected but the strength of the wind, the low cloud, low temperatures and hail showers were all a little more severe than forecast. Because of the weather, wildlife was fairly scarce and apart from Mountain Hares with their full white winter coats and numerous Red Grouse, not much else was reported. Only very small isolated patches of snow could be seen in the distance and underfoot conditions were relatively good for a February walk.

The second group also started at Glenprosen Lodge and climbed steadily through Glenclova Forrest to the summit of Hill of Strone. From here the group turned east over Cairn Inks and also descended steep ground into Glen Clova and they too finished at the Clova Hotel. Notably on this route a large herd of Red Deer (numbering over 100 at a conservative estimate) crossed over the path near Cairn Inks, perhaps disturbed by the walkers or just looking for better shelter as the wind direction veered to the west.

The attached image was taken from the track near the head of Glen Prosen, showing the recently refurbished Kilbo "Ruin" Stalkers Bothy.